The Desire to not Exist

the desire to not exist- Nouf Alhimiary, Dubai Design Week, Fully booked dubai, alserkaal avenue



The Desire to not Exist – Nouf Alhimiary, Cities without Conviction – UTAH MOCA

The Desire to not Exist is an experimental and theatrical triptych by Nouf Alhimiary exploring vulnerability as it corresponds to feminine identity. Although the work uses text, it is not merely about text or language; The Desire to Not Exist is an experiment in dialogue and photography. The force of words unspoken under the surface of water where nothing is heard -nothing can be uttered within the flat plane of the image. The written word becomes verbal, implying a defiant silence. Refusal, re-appropriation, and theatrical play becomes subversive actions, recognition that a legitimate routes to meaningful revolution can be as simple as an insistent repetition of the status-quo’s faulty tropes, stealthily altering them by increments beneath the surface.